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I am Şaheste and I am studying university of Turkish aeronautical association. I have to write this blog because this blog is most important homework. It is a joke. I love aviation, so this blog so enjoyable for me. 
I want to choose this topic because I really like aircraft. Especially, A- 380 is my dream. After the graduate, I want to work on the Airbus Company. I do not know what am 
I do in Airbus Company because I am not an engineer. I would an aviation operator in the future. Anyway…
I choose this topic because I want to introduce airbus aircrafts. I introduce three aircrafts. A-320        A 380, and A 330. 
I will begin by telling A-320 aircraft.


    A - 320  

   Airbus A-320 have short to medium range, narrow body, commercial passenger twin engine jet airliners manufacture by airbus. A 320 is consist A 318, A 319, A 320, and ACJ special jet versions.

 It is the first passenger aircraft using the flight control systems. A 320 has produced more than 4658. A 320 has a competitor. This competitor of course Boeing Company, and the model of 737. A320 after Boeing,  A -320 is the second best-selling after the Boeing 737. It has started to production in 1965, and ıt has produced more than 8000 until now. It has one aisle, low wing, and one-tailed.

 They used LCD television all cockpit. That’s why the aircraft‘s weight less than 50 kilos. A 320 in the air france feet on march 28, 1998 officially opened. Turkish airlines has 31 A 320. 


PASSENGER CAPACITY        150-159                            
GROSS WEİGHT              73.500/77.000 kg                                                   
WINGSPAN                  3,91m                                             
BODY LENGTH               37,57 m
FLOOR HEIGHT              11,91 m
MAXIMUM HIGHT HORIZONTAL FLIGHT                                         12.100 m/39.800 ft
MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF CARGO                                                31,64 m³

Some accidents that Airbus A320 Passes

  -- June 2, 2013 the day of Cebu Pacific flight number 971, Airbus A320 - 214 aircraft accident which made use of 165 passengers. It was injuries and deaths in the incident.
  -- September 20, 2012 the day of the Syrian Airlines RB - 501 aboard the Airbus A320 - 212 military helicopters collided in the air. Win three people lost their lives.
  -- August 29, 2011 the day of the Gulf Air Airlines carrying 143 people after the Airbus A320 flight number GF 270 Inés in rainy track record. It was also injured during the accident.
  -- January 15, 2009 the day of the US Airways plane flight number 1549, after seven minutes from the Hudson River 'What fell. Accidents caused by a lot of Canada geese was specified. 150 passengers were injured.
  -- 27 November 2008 at the time of their No. 888T XL Airlines A320 crashed and lost seven people died in total.

      Comparable aircraft

·             Boeing 737
·        Boeing 717
         Bombardier C Series
         Dassault Mercure
         Embraer 195
         McDonnell Douglas DC-9
         McDonnell Douglas MD-80/MD-90
         MS 21
         Tupolev Tu-154M
         Tupolev Tu-204
         Yakovlev Yak-42D




A 330

The Airbus is a medium wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus , a division of airbus group. A 330, and A 340 is have same air-frame. It has two aisle and two turbofan motor. It is the largest member of the twin engine family. The first flight was in 1992,and the first service is in 1993. A330 has three version; A 330, A 300- 200, and A 300-300. First manufactured aircraft is A 330 -300. It can carry 295 passengers in three classes. Most preferred economical aircraft flight.

A 330 – 200 QUANTITIES
PASANGER CAPACITY         150-159

GROSS WEİGHT              73.500/77.000 kg

WINGSPAN                  33,91 m

BODY LENGTH               37,57 m

FLOOR HEIGHT              11,91 m

MAXIMUM HIGHT HORIZONTAL  12.100 m/39.800 ft



PASSENGER CAPACITY                 289

GROSS WEIGHT                       233.000 kg

WINGSPAN                           60,30 m

BODY LENGTH                        63,69 m

FLOOR HEIGHT                        7,40 m

MAXIMUM HIGHT HORIZONTAL           12.500 m/41.100 ft

MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF CARGO          37.578 kg/105,95 

A 380

This part, I introduce A 380. It is my favorite aircraft. I will say why this aircraft so important for me. A 380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four engine jet airliner manufacturer by airbus. ıt is the world's  largest passenger airliner and the airports which is the operators have up-graded facilities to commodate.A 380 luxury than the other aircrafts. First flight in Toulose, FRANCE. first commercial filght in OCTOBER 25,2007 Singapure to Sydney.
The most important competitor is Boeing 747. A 380 more economic than the other passenger aircraffts. It has so quiet jet motors.

Necessary Airport Infrastructure
 -- Munich Airport the first airport in Europe, has received the official permit for the A380 in April 2004. As the construction of a second terminal in 2003, the A380 has been included in the park position. [12]
 -- Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport, two essential embarkation-disembarkation bridge bellows are available. [13] 150 million euros for the construction of the hangar A380 fleet in the final stages. [14]
 -- Zurich Airport, between 1999 and 2004 Midfield Dock / Dock E section, 2 parking positions A380 was prepared. The construction of other infrastructure are ongoing.
 -- Vienna International Airport, the A380 will soon be modified according to standards.
 -- Cologne Bonn Airport, will primarily support the A380F cargo model.
 -- St. Located south of the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, the A380 has already the first track in Russia.
 -- Hamburg airports, grass strip next to the two runways is secured with synthetic resin (for use thrust reverser).

 -- Ataturk Airport, landing for the first time carried out in September of 2010.

 - Emergncy aircraft evacuation
 - Weight
 - stress tests

Turkey from Turkish Aerospace Industries company, RUAG Aerospace in the year November 3, 2005 with a treaty signed in accordance with, as A380 full order quantity, D-Nose Panel Stretching Shells will generate its own facilities in Turkey.

A380 firm net orders and deliveries

Cumulative orders and deliveries
Orders (BLUE)
Deliveries ( GREEN )



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  2. Hi, Şaheste. I need to say that Airbus 380 is my dream to work with, too. You have covered lots of specific,enjoyable things for the readers who loves aviation. I do not think no one get bored while reading something about aircraft.You said that , it is the first passenger aircraft using the flight control systems for the Airbus 320. ı think Airbus 320 is pride of the company. Because Airbus has produced exactly 4658 Airbus 320 all around the world. This number unbelievable for me. According the this sales number Airbus going to be leader of this sector.Also there are lots of aircraft but I would like to touch on Airbus 380. As we know Airbus the world's largest passenger aircraft. Airbus 380 can carry about 600-800 passengers at the same time and can flight 16,200 km. Unfortunately, we can not see in Turkey the Airbus 380 because of its size. I hope there will be a big airport that Airbus 380 can use. Thanks for your blog.
    Here is a video that we can see how big Airbus 380 is . :))

  3. hi
    First of all Good luck for your future job in Airbus. I really think you can work there, there is a lot of opportunity for us. Just work hard!! :)
    Your post is really great. Even though i heard about these airplanes i never had this much information about them. Especially I am really interested in A380, the biggest aircraft. I didnt know it was that huge!!! It just looks like a big whole apartment. Also it is capacity is enormous, comparing to others 200-300 passenger. Today there is 159 A380 are flying around the world. Considering that one flight carries around 600 passenger, we could how big the number of people are flying everyday. I have searched and found out that there are more 317 A380 airplanes are ordered as January 2015. The biggest customer is Emirates, which has ordered or committed to order a total of 140. Delivery takes place in Hamburg for customers from Europe and the Middle East and in Toulouse for customers from the rest of the world. Also Airbus really wants to increase the orders of A380. In hopes of raising the number of orders placed, Airbus announced 'attractable discounts' to airlines who placed large orders for the A380. Emirates soon after, ordered 50 aircraft, totalling $20.75 billion. Airbus gave a $2.75 billion total discount, equal to $55 million in savings per aircraft for Emirates.
    Thanks for your blog. Very useful information

  4. Şayeste, when we start to this project you really want to take Airbus380, I think you really like (actually love) that plane type. Who doesn't love A380? It is an enormous plane and I really like to fly with it one day. When I read your post, I learned too many things about Airbus. You talk about the number and they shocked me. because they producin and producing, they never stop. In aviation sector they are like a boss with that numbers I think. Turkish aviation firms use these aircrafts because of their quality, they've made a goood job every time. they are so much in the air, like busses on the highways as you can understand from its name :) Airbus 380 has take 10 years in aviation industry but we do not have one of it. I hope we can buy one the A380 with new airport project.
    Airbus firm is also concerned about the environment. They have a project about saving water named ''stop the drop'' You can watch a video about this satop the drop advertising video