‘’ Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and  there you will always long to return.’’ –Leonardo Da Vinci

I want to start my post with Leonardo Da Vinci because he was an incredible artist and he also work for aviation. He always dreamed BIG and that’s because he is my inspiration.

Today  I would like to write about Turkish Airlines’s Fleet. I choose this topic because Turkish Airlines growing with an enormous growth rate and ofcourse I’m proud of that. If you travel with Turkish Airlines you can easily recognize the quality.

Firstly I will introduce you AirFleets. AirFleets means a group or assamblage of aircrafts.

Turkish Airlines’s Fleet includes 275 planes but they include 13 plane sorts. 2 sorts of that planes are for Cargo.


I would like to start with B737-800 because this type of plane take more place in Turkish Airlines’s fleet.

  • There are   87   B737-800 in Turkish Airline’s Fleet.

  • Boeing 737 was carried over than 7,000,000,000 people and it is equal to world’s population.

  • B737-800’s seating capacity is about 151-165-189

  • B737-800 can fly 5.420 km nonstop

  • Whenever you check it you can see 1250 B737-800 are flying over clouds at the same time 


  • There are   46   A321-200 in Turkish Airlines’s Fleet.

  • A321-200 is the largest member of Airbus320 family.

  • A321-200’s seating capacity is about 178-180-194.

  • A321-200 also give you an comfortable flight because it has wide seats.

  • A321-200’s maximum take-off weight is 89.000 kg


  • There are   32   A320-200 in Turkish Airlines’s Fleet.

  • A320-200’s seating capacity is about 150-159

  • Maximum takeoff weight is 73,500/ 77,000 kg for A320-200.

You can watch this video right there  and see inside of the A320-200.


  • There are 22 A330-300 in Turkish Airlines’s Fleet.

  • A320-300’s seating capacity is about 289

  • Maximum take-off weight is 233,000 kg for  A320-300

  • These planes are strengthened with Rolls Royce engines

  • Turkish Airlines buy them planes from Airbus in 2010


  • There are 20 B777-300ER in Turkish Airlines’s Fleet

  • Seating capacity is  about 337-349 for B777-300ER

  • B777-300ER’s maximum takeoff weight is 351,534 kg

  • B777-300ER is 19% lighter than other aircrafts which are in the same class with B777-300ER


  • Turkish Airlines have 16 A330-200

  • A330-200’s seating capacity is about 223-250-281

  • Maximum takeoff weight is 233,000 kg for A330-200

  • A330-200 has 2 corridor, if you fear of flying, you will feel more comfortable in this plane.


  • Turkish Airlines’s fleet have 14 319-132/100

  • A319-132/100’s seating capacity is about 132

  • Maximum takeoff weight is 70,000 kg

  • You can see A319-132/100’s landing in this video 


  • Turkish Airlines have 14 B737-900ER

  • B737-900ER’s seating capacity is about 151-169

  • Maximum takeoff weight is 85,13 kg

  • This kinf of planes are for long range.

  • Turkish Airlines wanted to have these planes for Africa and Asia flights.

  • Here is an accident video of B737-900ER 


  • Turkish Airlines have  B737-700 in its fleet

  • B737-700’s seating capacity is about 124 – 149

  • Maximum takeoff weight for B737-700 is 61,998/ 79,015/ 70,987/ 76,883 kg


  • Turkish Airlines have A340-300 in its fleet

  • A340-300’s seating capacity is about 270

  • And maximum takeoff weight is 257,000 kg

  • Here is a video of A340-300’s takeoff 

  • Turkish Airline use these planes for long times.

  • But in these days Turkish Airlines decided to use these planes for short range.


  • Turkish Airlines’s Fleet have E190

  • E190’s seat capacity is about 110

  • Maximum takeoff weight is 50,300 kg

  • Embraer has spacious corridors you can walk while cabin crew members serving

Now I would like to talk about Turkish Airlines’s Cargo Fleet

A330-200F CARGO

  • Turkish Airlines have 7 A330-200F CARGO in its fleet

  • A330-200F CARGO has no seating capacity because its an Cargo plane.

  • Maximum takeoff weight of A330-200F Cargo is 233,000 kg


There are A310 Cargo plane in Turkish Airlines’s Fleet

  •  This aircraft has no seating capacity

  •  This aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight is 157,000/153,000 kg

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  1. hi
    First of all good job! I found really useful information from your post. Even though I have flown many times with Turkish Airlines I never paid attention to the aircraft itself, I was more concerned about the services they were providing. :D. But as I see from your post, there is so many of them. Also I see that every of them is either Airbus or Boeing aircraft. I was wondering if they have aircraft from other manufacturer? So I did a little research on my own.
    The result was yes. In the past Turkish Airlines had 14 aircrafts from British Aerospace and 20 from McDonnell-Douglas. But none of them are flying today. From here we can see how powerful Airbus and Boeing are. They ousted every other competitors.
    Today more and more people choosing Turkish Airline, because of its good quality. Therefore the demand of bigger aircraft is increasing. I think in the near future they will have even bigger airplanes such as A380, or new big models.
    In the end good job!

  2. Hello, İçim. Your topic was quite interesting but there is not much topic to talk. Simply, aircrafts are part of our life. Almost 50 percent of the people have used the aircrafts. According this improvment firms must to produce specific aircrafts as u have mentioned. Producing aircrafts depends on the different demand such as economy,range,comfort,size,cost ,safety etc.Because of these there are lots of model that we can not know exactly.But nowadays safety and economy are most important things for demand.While demand is increasing firms are producing ecomomic,safe and huge models such as A380, B747 . I hope all of us will keep in touch with this sector.Thanks for your blog :)

  3. Hi dear içim ,
    I really like your blog and you given very useful information. As you know, aviation information information very significant for us. How much we have more better knowledge aviator. "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the eart with your eyes turned skyward , for there you have been and there you will always long to return. " This sentence is impressed to me. Actually, every aviation lovers after read this sentence he or she will impressed that. You told turkish airlines fleet. I do not know we have aircafts. Your blog and my blog some similar because I introduce A 330,A320, and A380 aircarfts . You given turkish cargo information and this information very benefit to me because I interesting aviation logistics. My pleasure is not enough for this blog : ))