Technological differences between Airbus and Boeing ( Fly-By-Wire System)

           Hello, dear readers. Today I will mention at technological differences between Airbus and Boeing. Actually, there are lots of differences but most of them are insignificant. Except Fly-By-Wire system. Actually FBW system has started new era for the competition and innovation for the aircraft industry. I will talk about what is the Fly-By-Wire system and also advantages and disadvantages of Fly-By-Wire system. Let’s start 

           Firstly, I will give some information about Fly-By-Wire (FBW) system. FBW is a kind of system for automatic flight. Fly-by-wire, that is, the complete replacement of the mechanical linkages between the pilot's stick and the control surface actuators by electrical signal wires, offers a convenient and logical solution to many of the control system problems associated with modern high performance aircraft and aerospace vehicles.
However, there exists a strong reluctance on the part of both pilots and flight control system designers to remove all flight control cables and mechanical linkages and rely solely on electrical signals and electronic devices.

Nor is this reluctance unreasonable. Since the Wright Brothers first flew at Kittyhawk in 1903, there has been some form of direct mechanical linkage between the pilot and the control surfaces or control surface actuators. The successful use of such systems has resulted in the growth of a sense of security toward mechanical control linkages which now tends to inhibit fly-by-wire development. "Security is a mechanical flight”. 

          Secondly, this part about some advantages and disadvantages of Fly-by wire system. Automatic signaling by the aircrafts computers. What could possibly go wrong? Reliance on electronics, reliance on software and manual flight control generally not possible these are some negative points of Fly-by wire system. Engineers will work on this problems. On the other hand, of course this system have some positive features. It gives a very accurate and smooth response to demands. It can also fly with great accuracy on the edges of the flight envelope. Therefore an emergency pull-up to avoid controlled flight into terrain is executed more quickly and with a better chance of success than with direct pilot control. In my opinion, positive features are more effective than negative features. To sum up, fly by wire systems made for more safety flight, simply control and less risk. Although there is a big time difference between Boeing and Airbus such as 53 years Airbus going to be ahead of the sector if they can continue the unique innovations like FWB. Who knows? Maybe, they can discover an airplane that can fly itself. I look forward to  Here is the video about FBW.

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  1. Really useful information.
    Fly by wire system is surely really important innovation.As it is really vital to jetliners, nowadays it even became the industry standard. But why it is so important? Here I have found some benefits of FBW. First is weight saving, lower maintenance costs and greater precision in flying. The weight savings from the replacement of heavy mechanical control cables provides a significant reduction in fuel consumption. In additional, as electrical controls are less complex and easier to maintain than mechanical ones, the use of fly-by-wire translates into lower maintenance costs for operators.Also by giving a direct input through electrical signals, commands are much more precise – enhancing overall safety. Furthermore, the control system monitors pilot commands to ensure the aircraft is kept within the flight protection envelope. As a result, the pilot always can get the maximum performance out of the aircraft without running the risk of exceeding safety margins. From here we can see how much FBW system is beneficial.

  2. Safa I really like your post. This post help me to learn about many things about my sector. Fly-by-wire type cocpits are full of technological things. They can make all of the things wich are so difficult for one human being. Aviation with technology makes pilots's life make easier I think. I do some researches about fly-by-wire system and I learned they are working like our nervous system. If you pull the joystick hard, it can easily perceive it. I talk about how useful they are but they are also dangerous I think. Because they are so sensitive and they can easly affect from radars or cell phone signals.

  3. Hi safa ,

    Your introduction is very different . You choose fly-by-wire technological differeces. I learned what does Fly-by-wire. When I writting my blog to ignored this word but I know this mean now. Your topic interest to enginer. This system very important for aircraft. Your blog very understandable. You used about FBW system picture. Ech pilot or candidate pilot should read your blog . Thank you for information.